Styro News                     2021

We live in a world of constant feed. If something happens, we find a post about it within a day.
After two weeks, no one talks about it  anymore.Because there is aleady something else happening,
that needs to be talked about. We get news delivered in compact formats, cut down to numbers and facts,
so that we know within a second what is going on. But do we really grasp it?
Isn’t it way more that is happening, then just numbers and facts? Isn’t it the individual stories
we should care about? Centuries ago, political happenings were documented by fresco paintings.

 This project is about going back to preserving history.
Preserving emotions and matter. Because it still matters.
Not only our news have a lifespan of days or weeks.
Also the material we use and throw away everyday.
Commenting on that, this fresco is painted on a piece
of styrofoam, found in the bin.