Artist Residence Sicily                                         since  2021 

In Summer 2021, Roya Haupt and Antonia Schreiber decided  to take part in a local revival program of a historical village in the middle of Sicily, Cammarata. (Project streetto) Since the project just started in May 2021, they were the first ones who bought a house. The renovation has been completed, now the house owners dream of turning it into an artist residency and build on a consitent creative content that will preserve the cultural heritage of the village and fill it with a young spirit again.

The terrace after renovation.


Together with the engaged locals, they are working on a creative vision for the place.

Slowly the rooms are coming together. At the moment there are two bedrooms available, a third one is in the making.
The two house owners try to reuse as much furniture as possible, restoring and cleaning what they could find in the house when they bought it.

In collaboration with Nikolas Miranda, Antonia was able to build a kitchen from scrapwood, found in the ruins of Cammarata.

The neighborhood community showed a lot of interest in the young house owners and their visitors. Here we can see Pina, who was willing to invite us to her home and share her story.

The neighborhood dinner. At the end of their 2 week stay in October 2022, Antonia and her friends organized a dinner on the newly renovated terrace, hosting the close neighborhood communinty. They met on a lot of interest and joy about the taken photographs of the stay and got remembered of the beauty of their own village.

All photo credits are given to Domenico Russotto, a talented, local photographer and part of the Streetto team.